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Reading sensor data and sending your categorized results via Service Bus to multiple users

Imagine you have a sensor that needs to be monitored by many people, maybe from different locations.
Using ‘queues’ can provide a simple way to send messages to a single receiver, but what if you want more receivers to process your data? Further more, what if you want different receivers to get only the data that is relevant to them?

Publish readings from a Geiger counter using Microsoft Azure Service Bus and BeagleBoard xm

This little device is a Geiger counter. It measures ionizing radiation, which is radiation that carries enough energy to liberate electrons from atoms or molecules.
In a nutshell, it measures RADIOACTIVITY. You can get a Geiger counter here:

Setting up Microsoft Azure Service Bus on the Raspberry Pi

The concept of the Internet of Things revolves around connecting everyday (household) objects to the internet. The important thing to consider is that all this data is being generated, but is only useful if something is being done with it. The Microsoft Azure Service bus allows you to process queues of such data and make it more useful.