HikVision camera Windows Server 2012 SMB share

I have a collection of HikVision cameras but have been experiencing issues with the new firmware. At first I thought it was with v 5.2.5 but after trying various versions it looks like it is with a wide range. The problem is that mounting a Samba/CIFS share (windows share) does not work, you just get a generic error. Older versions worked fine.

Reading sensor data and sending your categorized results via Service Bus to multiple users

Imagine you have a sensor that needs to be monitored by many people, maybe from different locations.
Using ‘queues’ can provide a simple way to send messages to a single receiver, but what if you want more receivers to process your data? Further more, what if you want different receivers to get only the data that is relevant to them?

Publish readings from a Geiger counter using Microsoft Azure Service Bus and BeagleBoard xm

This little device is a Geiger counter. It measures ionizing radiation, which is radiation that carries enough energy to liberate electrons from atoms or molecules.
In a nutshell, it measures RADIOACTIVITY. You can get a Geiger counter here: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11345

HIKVision DS-2CD2032-I

For a £80 I managed to get a new HikVision DS-2CD2032-I camera which supports a crazy 2048 x 1536 @ 20 FPS!

The camera can mount NFS as well as SMB/CIFS file shares, although a few people have had issues. And here is where my issues started (I did get it working). The camera management page has a section for NAS, and you can select you server, share, CIFS as well as credentials.

Setting up Microsoft Azure Service Bus on the Raspberry Pi

The concept of the Internet of Things revolves around connecting everyday (household) objects to the internet. The important thing to consider is that all this data is being generated, but is only useful if something is being done with it. The Microsoft Azure Service bus allows you to process queues of such data and make it more useful.

Motion detection using the Raspberry Pi + USB Webcam

I just managed to get my hands on the Raspberry Pi (Model B+), so now i have a spare Model B, so what to build? I also have a USB Webcam (Trust Spotlight Webcam), so a DIY CCTV sounds like a great start. Turns out there’s several different applications to using the Rpi for home automation and other similar tasks. One of the most exciting projects is to use the camera for motion detection record video/images when motion is triggered. This blog posts provides a step by step guide on how I set up my PI and cameras, well as a live webcam server, and couple of other interesting things.

Mbed with the DS3231 RTC

I have a great little RTC from Love Electronics, it uses the DS3231 chip which is similar to the DS1307 (as shown in this article http://www.l8ter.com/?p=417)


Since I am starting out using mbed (https://mbed.org) it is probably a good example to see if the DS3231 works with the LPC1768.  I started by using the DS1307 library as a guide, but then noticed that there are a few differences. (Note there is an mbed DS3231 library you can import)